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Who is Colleen Powell?



Colleen is a creative from Seattle who writes for herself, her dog, and you. Her short fiction has been recognized by her peers. Check the BLOG tab for examples of her favorite flash pieces. She is currently working on a novel as well as a memoir of her various worldly travels.



Depending on her mood or the season, you may find her on a trail run, a bike ride, a swim, a hike, or competing in a triathlon. As much as she loves the outdoors, she can also be found in the studio practicing or working as a yoga instructor. She currently has a 200 hour RYT certification and is working toward the 500 hour level. Colleen believes in the importance of keeping your body moving and listening (with humor and compassion) to what it tells you.


Colleen is prone to excessive volunteering, foisting batches of baked goods onto unsuspecting neighbors, and nurturing a healthy dandelion crop each spring. If you cross her path while she's out and about, watch out! She's very likely to smile at you.